The future of global health lies in our ability to build in alignment with how we imagine the world we want to live in. We believe we are just getting started.

Delos’ vision is not only to be a pioneer in building a more healthy society through Wellness Real Estate™, its first-of-its-kind concept to deliver health and wellness through the built environment, but to generate a new approach to philanthropy tied directly to its core business model. A fundamental component of this vision is to demonstrate a sustainable model for altruistic capitalism, which includes charitable contributions and impact investments focused on health, wellness, and the built environment.

To date, Delos' altruistic endeavors have helped to:

  • Incorporate health and wellness features into the design and construction of a children’s center that will provide for the immediate needs of orphaned children and provide a pathway to adoption
  • Fund the construction of affordable homes in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake
  • Launch the International WELL Building Institute as a public benefit corporation which has committed 51 percent of net profits, after taxes, generated by registration fees, certification fees and recertification fees received from real estate projects applying for WELL Certification toward charitable contributions and impact investment focused on health, wellness and the built environment.

Clinton Global Initiative (CGI)
Delos is proud to be a member of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). Our current and past CGI Commitments to Action represent our commitment to collaborating with other leading organizations to find solutions that improve human health and well-being through the built environment. Our mission to transform indoor environments through health and wellness and our commitment to altruistic capitalism align with the Clinton Global Initiative’s tracks on health and wellness, response and resilience, and green buildings addressing issues including climate change, energy efficiency, and sustainable urban development.