Stay Well™

Stay Well is transcending hospitality by innovating and elevating the indoor environment to provide guests with a healthier travel experience.

The Stay Well™ Program was created from the belief that as we travel for both business and pleasure, we deserve environments that have a positive impact on our health, happiness and well-being. When we find ourselves away from home, we are distanced from our daily biological rhythms – constantly exposed to countless unknowns, new environmental hazards and many discomforts.

Stay Well is designed to mitigate these variables by introducing scientifically validated features into the built environment to positively impact health, vitality, sense of relaxation and well-being.

Stay Well rooms are outfitted with features designed to enhance the quality of air, light and water and to promote better sleep, comfort, mental acuity, nutrition and overall health. To develop this protocol for in-room amenities, Delos engaged with leading doctors, scientists, architects, designers and thought leaders to identify, develop and integrate the features and technologies that create a healthy interior environment and healthy travel protocol. From this research, the Stay Well program was developed around six core concepts that impact a traveler’s physiological state – refresh, adjust, nourish, activate, rest and sustain.

Stay Well is designed to complement existing hospitality brands, seamlessly integrating with partner hotel brands to create a wellness experience that distinguishes and elevates the partner’s existing brand experience. Delos works closely with partner brands to tailor elements of the program to each unique property, brand and management guidelines.

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