Introducing Wellness Real Estate – Can Your Home Actually Improve Your Health?

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Introducing Wellness Real Estate™ by Delos®

May 2012 (New York, NY) — Two of the biggest challenges we face today – health and housing – may, in fact, be inextricably linked. Luminaries in wellness, science, public policy and business including Dr. Deepak Chopra, the Honorable Dick Gephardt (Former House of Representatives Majority Leader), Senator Mel Martinez (R-Fla. and Former Senator and HUD Secretary), the Honorable Terry McAuliffe (Former Chairman o f Bill Clinton’s Presidential Campaign and Former DNC Chairman), and Jason McLennan (World Renowned Sustainable Building Expert), have come together to champion a revolutionary company – Delos® – and its pioneering concept: Wellness Real Estate™.

Spanning over four years of collaboration with a board of researchers and doctors from Columbia University Medical School, architects, engineers, and contractors, Delos places personal wellness and quality of life at the heart of its design and construction. The Company integrates the best of medical science and preventative healthcare to create home environments that support and protect the physical and emotional well-being of individuals. Each Delos home is designed to combat the onset of disease and deteriorating health, dispel current ailments, and improve one’s quality of life through daily interactions with innovative healthy living features.

According to Dr. Chopra, “My whole life has been committed to the understanding of wellness – personal, social, emotional and spiritual. Today, we have the tools and access to knowledge that can enable a critical mass to affect transformational change. Delos is a torch bearer for this movement, and is helping to propel us toward a new age of wellness for every human on the planet – I couldn’t be more proud of my work with Delos.”

Delos Co-Founder Morad Fareed explains that “Delos marries the best of science and technology with design and construction to curate an unprecedented impact: enhanced health and well-being. This is beyond green – we are defining a completely new category.”

Up to now, Delos has worked in the private home sector, and completed its first commission in September 2010. This summer, Delos will launch its flagship development, the world’s-first Wellness Real Estate residential community, at the crossroads of Greenwich Village and Union Square in New York City. The project will incorporate over 50 wellness features into the architecture and design that aim to reduce stress, enable more restful sleep, increase energy and vitality, improve blood circulation and posture, optimize digestion, and enhance immunity and respiratory health. Additionally, through an exclusive collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic, Delos residents will have access to web-based programs designed to help improve sleep, nutrition, and reduce stress.

Importantly, most of these health benefits are invisible to the naked eye – they are built into the wires, vents, pipes, walls and floors – offering apartments that are not only healthy but also feature chic, elegant urban design that is emblematic of Manhattan living, not a destination spa.

According to Delos Advisory Board Member Dick Gephardt, a national leader in healthcare, technology and innovation, “people want health and healthy status more than anything in the world. And if their housing can be made part of that picture and be an integral part of increasing the health status, I think this is going to be a home run not just for Delos, it will be a home run for people and their daily lives.”

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